Meet Your Board of Directors

Our volunteer Board of Directors is fully committed to adding value to your CABA Member experience. Each member is a “liaison” to connect you to CABA and to our Community.

The Role of CABA’S Board

CABA’s Board members are dedicated volunteers who are truly a “working Board.” Not only do they own their own businesses, but they have volunteered to help you grow your business with CABA.

A Letter From Your President

To characterize 2020 as a challenging year is an understatement. However, challenges are nothing new to CABA, in fact; they are the foundation on which CABA was built.

The Carrollwood Area Business Association (CABA) was developed during a time when the viability of many local businesses was threatened due to the widening of North Dale Mabry. Several local business owners came together to advocate and collaboratively address the Florida Department of Transportation who agreed to complete the road widening at night—after businesses had closed for the day: CABA’s first victory for local business, business owners, and the Greater Carrollwood community.

Through their collaboration, the group of business owners/advocates had begun to share referrals with each other, and through adversity; they learned that they could help each other grow their businesses. Our 2020 challenges may be different, but the core values on which CABA was built remain strong.

We are excited to announce that we have contracted with a new company that will help lead CABA with an Administrative Team. They are working very hard behind the scenes to help us transition and create new features to enhance your member experience. Together, we are working to create new, innovative ways to connect you to each other and to your ideal clients and referral partners. Soon, we will be announcing a business-to-community (B2C) campaign that will generate more potential leads to grow your business with CABA.

I value you, and I am grateful for this new journey we are embracing together. We are better together, and moving in the same direction: to grow our businesses and better our community.

 Jennifer Jenkins

Current Board Members