Board Of Directors

Our volunteer board of directors is fully committed to adding value to your CABA member experience. Each member is a “liaison” to connect you to CABA and to our community.

About Us


In the fall of 1985, the two-lane road that had been a path lined with orange groves had become the major corridor through Carrollwood: North Dale Mabry Highway. The growth of new businesses in the Carrollwood area had created the need to widen our corridor from two-lanes to four-lanes.

Among those business owners were 16 concerned members of our community who had witnessed business closures during the widening of Waters Avenue, and they were concerned that the Dale Mabry widening would hurt local business.

The group contacted the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and a business to government partnership was formed, leading to one of the first major state of Florida construction projects completed almost solely at night.

The successful partnership with FDOT was not the end; it was the beginning of the Carrollwood Area Business Association (CABA) whose founder, John Baumann, noted that this small group had begun to pass referrals among each other. In the Spring of 1986, CABA became a volunteer-run business association with the sole purpose of helping members grow their business. Their slogan was “We helped ourselves by helping others.”

36 years later, CABA continues to connect businesses with each other and with our community.

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Ways To Participate


CABA sponsors weekly B2B networking events at CABA member businesses and restaurants where members and their guests pass referrals and enjoy refreshments together.


Regular training help members use their membership benefits (Maximize Your Membership), and virtual Lunch & Learn programs introduce members’ content to each other.


Platforms to connect CABA to our Community include annual B2C events like Trunk or Treat, and online opportunities like banner ads, and the online member directory.


Every CABA event includes exclusive sponsorship opportunities for members to include hosting CABA Coffees and CABA After 5’s and CABA Presents Taste of Carrollwood.


CABA member benefits are to boost the marketing of your business and include online advertising, publicity opportunities with sponsorships, and shout-outs on social media.


Our Board of Directors are volunteers who are “liaisons” to our standing committees who appoint chairs to assist them in serving CABA members and the community.